Im not going to lie, i've very much enjoyed taking a break from modelling to concentrate on raising my beautiful boy BUT im so excited to be booking shoots again. They say having children can ruin your figure etc but I think thats an absolute myth. If you eat well, exercise and treat yourself with love then you can bounce back to your former glory. Im not a saint!!!!! I struggled weaning myself off the "taste so good yet is so bad" foods but just seeing my abs again spurs me on to keep going. When I used to see all the fitness guys and girls posting their smoothies/muscles/salads I did yawn and think about what I was having for tea (something of substance and very unhealthy) but then I realised that putting all that crap into my body made me feel not only sluggish but depressed. Now I'm one of those fitness maniacs and I havent felt better!!! Its not about starving yourself or eating lettuce.. its about eating smart!!! Have never felt better!! Anyway.. Im really looking forward to showing you all the results of my new found lifestyle!!!

#fitness #Healthy #Body #Muscles #Abs

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